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We are bringing back the friendship bracelet, so bring your friends and come get zapped at Boise, Idaho's first permanent jewelry spot!

Zapping, or linking, also known as permanent jewelry or infinity jewelry, is a custom fitted bracelet or anklet that is welded directly onto you. We have a variety of beautiful precious metal chains and charms so you can create a custom piece that is all you.

Permanent jewelry is also great for celebrating at birthday or bachelorette parties, or as a gift to your bridal party.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment or a private zapping party, please email us at

Get Zapped!

I've got some questions...


What is linking?

Linking is permanent jewelry, either a bracelet or an anklet, that is welded directly onto your arm or ankle.

How much does it cost?

Price is dependent on what type of jewelry you are purchasing.

  • Bracelets range in price from $40 - $150.00 depending on the type of chain you choose.
  • Anklets are the listed chain price plus a $10 upcharge.
  • Necklaces are charged on a per inch basis and start at $100.00.
  • Charms can be added and range from $10 - $30.00

Wait, you're welding something onto me - is that safe?

Linking is totally safe. We have special welding equipment that allows us to weld the chain without it getting hot. Permanent jewelry isn't like getting a tattoo or piercing, since it is completely removable.

What can I expect at my appointment?

When you arrive, we will take down your information and give you a run through of the process. Then we'll show you the different precious metal chains we have available, as well as the charms that can be added.

Once you have decided on your custom piece, we will measure your wrist or ankle and cut the chain to fit comfortably.

Now comes the fun part! We'll hold the chain in place around your wrist or ankle and use our welding machine to zap! it closed.

Can I take it off?

While we don't recommend it, your permanent bracelet or anklet can be taken off, although the removal is permanent. If you'd like to remove your jewelry, you can easily do so by cutting it off with a pair of household scissors.

If you are able to cut your bracelet at the small ring that connects the two ends, we may be able to weld it back in place for you for a small fee ($20.00).

What about traveling through the airport and TSA?

Our permanent bracelets have seen a lot of airport security lines and never once have we had any trouble. Generally, fine jewelry does not need to be removed when going through airport security.