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75¡ãC Hot Air Drying 3 Washing Program Portable Countertop Dishwasher Tabletop

75¡ãC Hot Air Drying 3 Washing Program Portable Countertop Dishwasher Tabletop

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1.This Convenient Tabletop Dishwasher can fit a Variety of Dishes, such as Bowl, Plate and Tableware Cup. Etc., and is Ideal for Small-Sized Houses, Apartments, Dorms, Boats and Campers/RVS

2.The Professional Complete Dishwasher can be Placed on any Countertop or Sturdy Table, and Gives You The Choice of a Quick Faucet Hook-Up.

3.If you have Water, Electricity You can Clean your Dishes Anywhere and Anytime! Whether It Is in Your Kitchen, Camping, On Your Boat or RV, Or At An Event Now Dirty Dishes are a Thing of The Past.

4.It has The Advantage of Portability and Storage. Water Hose is Included for a Direct Water Hookup to Kitchen Faucet(Adapter Excluded)

5.Three Washing Modes - You will get Full Size Dishwasher Cleaning in a Countertop Sized Compact Unit that offers Three Wash Programs - Standard, Fast & Strong. 360 Degree Spraying Water Gives Dishes That Streak-Free Deep Cleaning

6.Hot Air Drying,75C Hot Air Drying

7.Prevent Secondary Growth of Bacteria,Quickly Dry The Residual Moisture of The tableware, Inhibit The Growth of Bacteria,and Keep The Tableware Dry and Clean.

8.Use The High-Temperature Steam of The Inner Tank to Promote Physical Condensation and Drying, and Reduce The Growth of Mold and Odor in The Machine.


Dimension : 45x40x44cm/17.72x15.75x17.32in

Net Weight : 9.5kg

Rated Voltage : 110V

Control : Microcomputer

Rated Frequency : 50Hz

Desktop Dishwasher Rated Power : 1200W

Water Consumption : 8L

Rack Material: Stainless Steel


When The Dishwasher is Running, do not Open The Door of The Dishwasher, Because Steam and Hot Water Will Splash Out.

In order to Prevent Sharp Utensils from Scratching The Inside of The Dishwasher, Relatively Sharp Utensils(for Example: Knives) Must be Installed in The Chopstick Basket Provided with The Dishwater, and The Sharp and Facing Down or Placed Horizontally.

The Maximum Allowable Water Inlet Pressure of This Machine is 1Mpa; Minimum is 0.04Mpa. The Inlet Water Source must not use Hot Water Above 50.

If You need to Improve The Effect of Dishwashing, You must use Dishwasher-Specific Detergents.

It Is Normal that there is Residual Water under The Filter after Washing.

Package Includes:

1 x Tabletop Dishwasher

1 x Water Pipe

1 x User Manual

Manufacturer Part Number:456
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