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Rockville APM10W 10 400 Watt Powered/Active Studio Subwoofer Pro Reference Sub

Rockville APM10W 10 400 Watt Powered/Active Studio Subwoofer Pro Reference Sub

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The Rockville APM10 is an Active Studio Subwoofer that delivers unbelievable sounding bass These subs put out an amazing 400 watts peak power and 200 watts RMS power.


  • Rockville APM10W 10 400 Watt Active Studio Subwoofer in White
  • 200 Watt RMS 
  • Built-in Class D Amplifier
  • Enclosure is made of top quality MDF wood. Our enclosure is not particleboard it is true high-grade MDF The enclosure is 0.7 thick while the front board of it is a full 1.34 thickness to give you the ultimate best sound quality
  • Comes in 3 enclosure finish options Wood finish painted black. Wood finish painted white.
  • Wood finish with vinyl front board
  • We use baking paint made for wood surface. It lasts long and is the best paint for speakers
  • Beautiful finish is matte with a slight shine to it. Our designers spent a lot of time on the color to make it beautiful and elegant looking to improve the appearance of your studio or room
  • The enclosure is built with the perfect amount of air space to maximize sound quality for a studio
  • The front-firing port is built to the perfect spec to enhance the sound
  • Class D Amplifier Circuitry with Auto-Switching Power Supply
  • LED Power on/Stand-by Indicator on Rear Panel
  • Rubber woofer surrounds increases sound quality and eliminates unwanted distortions
  • Computer Optimized Electronic Crossover Network filters out Highs and Mids.
  • Front-Firing Port Shaped and Designed by Sound Engineers to Reduce Port Turbulence and Deliver Distortion Free Top Sound Quality
  • We developed the Most Optimized Magnet structure, Cone, and Cabinet Space that Reproduces the Sound to Play Back Exactly the Way it was Recorded
  • Specially Wound Voice Coils Produce Accurate Response along the Low Frequency Spectrum
  • Distortion-Free Playback Even at Max Volume Listening Very Clean Sound
  • Our factory uses the latest Precision Glue Machine (Over 500 meter Tunnel Oven). To put it in simple to understand terms; the glue on woofers is of the upmost importance. If the glue does not hold up, the woofer is done. We use the latest machinery to manufacture these woofers.
  • The SPL of the woofer goes up when you use better glue and a better machine the secure the glue in place
  • Thick Wadding protects inside the subwoofer cabinet Wadding is a white, artificial silk-like material that we put inside the subwoofer cabinet for multiple reasons. It helps to make the sound come out more clearly, and it also protects all the parts inside the subwoofer. This material is also a fire retardant. This is unique to our subwoofers. Most other brands do not take this step due to the cost of the material, but it is a game changer
  • World-class top of the line audiophile grade components We use STA309 for audio processing and STA516 for amplification. These are both known to be best inlass circuit designs. These components also are amazing and allow us to adjust the sound via soft programing on a computer during the design stage to get the perfect sound. ST is the name of the makers of these ICs. Most people do not know brands who make circuits, but these are famous in that industry and known to be the best of the best. Only very high end products use these components 
  • Every subwoofer in Production Undergoes a Computer Generated Sound Check Test to Ensure it Upholds to our Specifications and Standards 

Manufacturer Part Number:APM10W
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